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bittersweet catastrophy

8 July 1989
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I'm a slow motion accident lost in coffee rings & fingerprints.


Insomniac. twentyone, born in July. Loves beaches and tan lines.
Writer. Obsessed with Art & street fashion. European junkie. Adores her friends. Eats salads at midnight with bestie. Pretty big caffeine addict. Loves STARBUCK's and teas. Thinks cats are amazing. Likes to sit on rooftops [ and eat breakfast ]. Generally nice. Hopeless Romantic. Will never get over someone who lives an hour away. Daydreamer. Addicted to Music, Photography and Photoshop. Thinks movies are better in Black&White. Also likes how old people dress. Enjoys going for rides in friends cars and listening to oldies. Doesn't like mice or fights. Enjoys strong viewpoints and Journalism. Thinks that peace is always the right thing and that their is no point for war. Has really frizzy/gross hair when it isn't straightened. Loves makeup.


Currently In LOVE with Shawn Jacobs since 6/29/07.
the best thing that ever, ever happened to me